I went to The Beach again. It has become a kind of customary to pay a visit over there at least once a month, the warmth of feeling at home is so undeniable, it keeps calling me for more.

Everything was normal, except....

I was dissolving myself into Newsweek, it was then that I heard bells ringing from afar. Wondering I did where the sound came from. It sounded so familiar, like the bells ringing from a bike of a man who sells aiskrim bantal, roti kaya that sort of ring. The last time I had such a great home made ice cream when I was 16 I guess.

The effort to wake up from the sprawled straw mat was not that easy - you know once you get used to the comfort of the warm gushing wind, all you want to do is lie down and do nothing - and I turned my head to the back.

And found nothing.

And I laid back on the stray mat. And the ringing struck again. Hell, I needed something to quench my thirst. And an aiskrim bantal totally would be perfect.

I woke up. And had a good look around. Then I saw a herd of cows. I mean a lot of cows. In a number of 10 or something. Then the ringing became so obvious, that I saw two gargantuan cows with rings shackled on their necks.

Ahhh. Now everything made sense.

Ahhh. Lu lembu bikin spoil aaaa



Now that's a very rare word to use even though it simply means a tinkling or ringing sound.

Thank you for the new word.
ZubaidahArshad said…
I recall I used this word when I was 10. Gathering huge words for my spelling bee competition.

This single word.

I just love the way it sounds. Lovely, isn't it?
Lovely. Well, maybe.

I had asked a friend whether he knows what this tintinnabulation means. He then repeated this word over and over again, trying to dig his memory out, which he failed. When I heard that word coming from his mouth for so many times, it somehow tickled me.

Don't ask. I don't know how to explain that. =)

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