He Did Not Come

He did not come yesterday,
and there were me and my agony
I made no calls,
to him who happened to have no balls.

And I asked a friend,
he worked so late,
trying to toss the fate
I did not care, I am still breathing with blood streams down my veins.

He comes today, with a weary look on his face,
For me, in his face, I find my solace,
For him, I find no one who can be replaced,
I love him a lot, no man can erase

To you Mr. R.



arep said…
sabaulah sabariah.. opss bedah..

u said no man could erase him but i percaya.. patah tumbuh hilang berganti..

tabahlah nox
NoktahHitam said…
awwww.. That's so sweet!
ZubaidahArshad said…
Arep, obviously he does not patah or whatever. He lingers in front of my eyes. Ops.

NH, he's a sweet man, no honey can replace. :)
arep said…
lingers in front of u but u scare to say i love u????

btw... pls hapdate matahari blog...
So, let me reply to you here..

You posted dkt noktahhitam

Pot calling the kettle black. Dia sendiri grammar bersepah, nak kata orang.

Ahmad Noted: Kalu saya salah, betulkan lah... apa susahnya... bila saya kata org????? or you have a predefined attitude bila kena tegur as "ko ingat ko sorang je betul", "ko ingat ko sorang je pandai", "ko pak lebai jgn nak tunjuk alim"...


Your holier than thou act is absofuckinglutely annoying.

Ahmad noted : Apa kena mengena :holier than thou"? And you have a very nice adjective to show your polite malay culture....

Bila kena tegur, always "holier than thou" ke?.

I hope i can have a coffee with you and show you my holier than thou attitude...
since u uttered that very polite word, I just want to reply...

and considering your age, you are the most fucking lady that I have ever replied...
say that u have a kid. then he said to u "mum, i do not stand to be corrected no matter what the circumstances are".

Then u replied "as u wished kid"..

n that fucking mum is U lah..

so, tak payah buang duit antar anak ke sekolah lah..

n the one with that fucking attitude "holier than thou" is U...

kalu nak mencelah, biar beradap.. we are muslims not christians. We have religious and moral obligations towards other fellow muslims.

Holier-than-thou is made famous by christians to counter other fractions not aligned to them. We muslims don't have that phrase. WE have DOSA n PAHALA. Amar Makruf n Nahi Mungkar.

Jgn jadi burung kakak tua. Sekadar bersiul dgn frasa asing.

What is your moral obligation bila u mencelah? ZERO...
ZubaidahArshad said…
Did I ruffle your feathers?

Ooopss. I think I just did.
That was your feathers... and yes.. u did.. and that was a beautiful feathers this animal has
arep said…
OMG OMG.. drama... i loike..

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