My Own Beach

I was at one secluded beach near Cherating. The beach was great, with pristine white sand, clear blue water, pine trees all along the beach, and the most important thing, no one there. Finally I found my own beach.

I opened up my chair, and start reading all the unfinished lines in the book. The horizon was far, and blue, and clear just like the sky with an eagle sprawling it's wings eying for defenseless preys down there, flying in circle, marking it's territory.

With all these vivid details, all of a sudden, images of you and me came so clear, it played continuously with no stop button. What with the smell of wet sand, and the sound of splashing waves, and the trail of mini crabs brought such thousand of memories. Kind of memories I would like to deny to admit that I had experienced it, and reminiscing these things was like a painful jab of love antidote, healing but leaving scars.

Then out of nowhere, I grabbed my phone, and I text you.

"I'm at Pantai Cherating. Alone. All of a sudden, I'm thinking of you"

A reply.

"Puasa puasa pun pergi bercuti ke?"

Owh thanks. That's so insensitive of you. Huh!


NoktahHitam said…

Like always, I like your witty writings ;)

BTW, did you really go that far to read a book? Main pasir la cik!
nycrun said…
yes to the above
ZubaidahArshad said…
NH, I did go that far actually. I work somewhere 30km bound to Kemaman, so Cherating apparently accessible to me even on a daily basis :)

Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate that a lot
Girl, you are such a good storyteller. I;m in love with your writing now. Found you in NH's comment box.

Keep up the entry cause I started to want more from you
ZubaidahArshad said…
BeautifulMindLife, thanks so much for coming over here. And thanks for such compliments. I cant blush enough :)

But truth be told, i dont update my blog regularly. On and off, wholly depends on my availability :)

I read your RON95 thingie. Well said!

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