This Bird Needs A Bicycle

As I walked past a perfectly aligned date palm trees along the walkway to my office, I couldn't help to notice the birds that were happily (they were happy I assumed) pecking the fallen dates on the ground.

Life is simple for them. Wake up in the morning, spread the wings and look for foods, fill up their tummies, and get back home right after.

Nothing to worry about. There is no complex love life, no mortgage, no dumb underlings, no loud sex neighbors, no traffic jam, no bad hair day, no office politics, no keto diet. They have no human silly problems to face to.

But then it strikes me that the birds have to worry about prying cats, about the rain that ruins their nest, about finding foods for their hatchlings, worrying about their babies. They have tonnes of bird problems that we silly human may not understand.

But fuck it. I understand bird problems. I just want to be a bird. Let me be a bird for a day. Then I can judge.

This Bird Needs A Bicycle
Zubaidah Arshad
23 Sept 2018
Saudi Arabia National Day
Dhahran, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia


Sir Pök Déng said…
Same thing when I see cats minding their own business. One fine day I was spiritually awoken by sudden realization that cats also have their politics. An alpha male, when in heat, would always mark his territory with urine, often picks a fight even with his own cat siblings. The competition escalates and the loser has to walk to wherever his feet brings. That was how I lost Oyeng, my ginger fluff.

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