Klara Södra kyrkogata

After so many years, I am back in Stockholm. While walking down the alley, I couldn't help to recall the conversation we had a night before.

I thought finally, we had something in common. But I also forget that you can't be forgiving of me all the time.

We just need to get past through the period where things we should've said are kept unsaid, because to be honest, and to be fair, we both know the fact that I always make things worse, and you always pull yourself back. For once, a resistance from you would be good.

And as always, you play the good guy role once again, making me looks like an ungrateful 40-ish spinster who does not know how to say Thank You once in a while.

So this alley, and the leafless trees along the road, just an addition to the bland images of yours. For once I wished you were here, but the fact that you're actually not here, sends a chill relief down my spine.

I miss you Aboody. I really do.

Stockholm, Sweden


Sir Pök Déng said…
New character! Aboodi.
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Yes. He just broke my heart yesterday.
Sharifahami said…

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