The Trip Of A Lifetime (?)

Tomorrow, at 1530 hrs, he and I will board the plane to the (probably) trip of a lifetime. He has been planning this for months, and it couldn't be more fitting that his birthday was a week ago and he just finished his exam a few past hours. This part time master that he rides on, takes its toll on him. He went off for a week leave to complete the exam, and a few minutes ago, a voice note flashed in that he it was so terrible he wanted to drink until he got lost tomorrow.

As a person who takes things literally, that was a little disturbing. First of all, I don't drink. Second of all, I am going to be awkward around the people who drink. Third, this drinking stuff just shifted my perspective towards him. And if you people remember, I listed out the characteristics of a guy that I would date a few posts back. Smoking and drinking never made it into the list, so if he does really drink, that will be really a game changer.

I want this trip to be something that I will remember for the rest of my life. In a good way. Not the other way round.

Let's just hope that was just his penis talking.

Good night.



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