Little Windmill from Amsterdam

In the real world, I am such a powerful figure among my colleagues. I make multimillion decisions, I directed a number of employees, I am the elusive strong white collar woman.

But there are things a woman can't do. Albeit a handful of arguments about the gender equality, we fail to admit that a woman can't do everything at all. Beside a successful man, there's a woman beside him. But don't you agree that beside a successful woman, there's supposed to be a man behind her?

There are four burned out light bulbs in my bedroom and today, after returning home from work, I found my bathroom was flooded with hot water. Turned out, the hot water fitting was broken. As I'm writing this, I can hear clearly the distant sound of water dripping from the bathroom. 

I can call a number right away to fix these trivia stuff, but would I ever call some stranger if there's a man standing by my side?

You know what, the proverb Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover has the best underlying meaning of all. People see me shiny, gleaming with smile from the outside, but do they have any idea what is happening beneath the closed doors?



Azira said…
what makes u still think that u need a man in life? u're so successful and i adore u for that :)

if there's a man by your side pun belum tentu he can fix that broken fittings. ntah2 dia pun call pak tukang! hiks.
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Azira, lol. I pun rasa macam tu jugak. Tapi once in a while, when you go out for a dinner, teringin jugak a date by your side kan? Hehe
Pakmat Fahmy said…
..salam zura..empower yourself. .learn how to change light bulbs. .This myth if women being helpless without a man is only that..a myth..but you will still need a man..If anything to set that light bulb aglow. .:)

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