When I thought the winter is over, the temperature plunged into freezing state all over again. It has been a mild 19 to 22 degrees and all of a sudden, it went below 8 this morning. This perhaps to continue until next week, then it's going to be warm and before we know it, the temperature will rise like crazy. Fifty five degrees celcius during the day is a little wild. Who knows it shoots up to 60 and breaks the thermometer?

It is downright eerie. But now, it is pretty cold. It reminds me of spring in London. And it is pretty much like spring right now, with yellow and red flowers sprouting all over the place. Those certainly add some color to this barren land.

Here in this country, there's a popular saying among Arabs.

Like a crazy person who sells his jacket in winter. 

Don't be like that, Abu Rasheed told me with his straight face. When you thought the summer is coming, and you trade off your jacket, and without warning, the cold wind comes again. Don't be like that, he told me once more.

Everything over here is unpredictable. Get your things under your belt. Who knows what might happen tomorrow?



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