A Little Hideout

By the time I write this, it has passed fifteen to eleven. There were five books on the side table, and there were no apparent reasons on why I spent much money that, except I thought I have left books especially good novels for quite an amount of time.

I am going to start with The Goldfinch. Flipped a few pages while browsing, and I found it good. And next on the list is The Luminaries simply because it won The Man Booker Prize and the Indian guy who stood at the counter told me an Arab had come to him complaining about the book. About the conspiracy that involve a lot of well known people. He even told me that this country would probably ban this book. I listened and then I realized its whether the Indian guy or the Arab guy was mistakenly switched The Luminaries with The Illuminati. I couldn't be bothered to untangle his confusion because he looked so amazed and scared and excited at the same time.

That's when I realized, the best investment is the investment in knowledge. I wouldn't mind spending a hefty sum of my monthly paycheck for a few books. They open your mind. And it doesn't matter how many countries you had traveled to if you couldn't even finish a 200-page romance novel.

Go read books. And I miss Karl so bad. Dammit.



Sir Pök Déng said…
It's been a really long time I have not read a book.
bookseller said…
Banyak buku yang dibeli gagal dibaca.. Entah di mana hilangnya ghairah tu...

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