It is getting colder by day, something you have to tune to especially when being in the tropical climate was the thing you did for the past few years. I am adjusting just fine over here, with the gorgeous and kind people around, it helps once in a while to get rid off the thought of home that lingers in my mind. It is not like that I have not been away from home before, but this should strike the hardest. Mak and Abah are ageing by day, my good self as well, but the time spent with them seems to shrink. What else can I do except relentlessly pray for their health and well being, I hope they are doing fine. And apparently, Abah and Mak are not the only persons that I left behind. I left Karl as well. Pardon for no introduction, but suffice Karl makes me feels important all over again.

Thought that distance would draw us apart, but in fact it got us closer. At least I have someone to listen to my grunts and rantings, and endless prattle. Someone that would just listen, and play along, and made you feel, your thoughts being heard in the end.

Tried to talk to some best friends, but best friends refuted. Perhaps they were busy. In fact, one even said that 'I have a life here tho', so it was a clear remark that I should stop bugging someone who didn't even want to listen. Who would've wanted to sleep at 3 in the morning just to get along with my never ending chat in Whatsapp? Karl did. Thanks Karl.

So when he didn't reply to my text today, I got a little pissed off. What? Does the love bug now biting my ass?

Don't. Please don't.



biskutkumpang said…
more insane short stories,please!
SalamMedia said…

I'm sorry I missed a lot of your post since google shut down their Reader. I hope everything works out for you in the middle east. Good luck!

Just so you know, A BIG FAN OF YOUR WRITING. If you ever decided to go private, add me in ok?
NoktahHitam said…
Thats me up there using different account. Sorry!
Zubaidah Arshad said…
biskutkumpang, i'm getting old. the brain does not work like it should do anymore.

noktahhitam, it has been a while since i heard last from you. how are you?
biskutkumpang said…
hahaha. people get old, but writing should remain young

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