Nothing has changed. I did not take out any single post. It was a break from uncertainty. It was as if a moment of recollection, a span of time when you need to just shut your self up, to think more about yourself and less about others.

It was a defining moment when you tried to look for someone who understood you the most, the one who wouldn't even give the judgmental shrug. I trusted you. Unfortunately you took it for granted.

Sometime, somewhere, somehow, you have to accept that not everyone is that open. Every person on this earth has this tiny space that makes them sane. Don't take that away, perhaps that is the last thing they are holding onto.

I want you to think about that. Just that.

Anyway, again, nothing has changed. It's only I don't live in Malaysia anymore.

Just so you know.



Sir Pök Déng said…
Tell about how your new place is better than Kerteh.

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