"how do you know when you are in love?"
"you ask the wrong person. i don't know"
"how do you know that you love me? how can you tell that this isn't temporary affection or the needs to fill the voids from all the untold solitudes?"
"why are you asking me all this nonsense?"
"give me answers. i need to know whether you really love me"
"so tell me, how do you know that you are actually in love with me?"
"i know it. because everytime i think about you, moths and butterflies roam inside my belly. when you told me you're sick, i am sick with worries. when you say you can't lie still because my image stuck in your brain, i got smiles plastered on my face for the whole day. it seems everything gets unsettled. everything seems like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle- there's a hole with a missing piece and that fucking little piece is you."
"you know how does someone fall in love with someone?"
"how? tell me"
"when you hear her name, your eyes gleamer. thats how you know when someone loves someone.
unfortunately, i can't see it in you"

25 Oct 2013


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