So Custard putting up a few stones. His cheeks were so swolen people could've mistaken him for keeping tennis balls in his mouth. And he just got engaged. To a stranger that I don't even know. And apparently cards are on everybody's way except me.

No one told me this. Even Nina. I stumbled upon his profile in some random incindental connections.

It was an awkward encounter. And an unsettling revelation. You know, what with the things past and the things beyond imagination. We used to be close, but ignorance and stupidity eventually separated us.

I wonder if he ever told the stranger about us. Maybe, just maybe, some things are better kept chained and locked, things past that hinder for us to better create the present. But how can you live your life with lies so thick it presses your head every night before you go to sleep? How can you see someone that you ought to love in the eyes, without feeling even a hint of guilt? What if the secrets that you try to hide get unchained and unlocked and the future you imagine would be crumble in a blink of an eye?

The least you can do, is to start a new chapter with a clean slate. In the end, you want someone who makes honesty as a policy, and trust as an assurance.


I am okay. And a little relieved. Especially looking at his swollen cheeks. And the stranger. World needs a little love. Perhaps.

Good night.



t.a.t.a said…
Honesty and trust are hard to come by nowadays. They are the crucial things in any kind of relationship. One should cherish them more than anything, for once they are scratch there will be no second chance.

Tennis balls? Does it even fit to get in?

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