Jammed up

I love things unplanned, such as backpacking over Kathmandu to Pokhara to Nagakort with friends close enough you can share a toothbrush with. I haven't stepped my feet onto Nepal. It is my friend. And she'll be there in 3 days time. I asked her if she could give me a hitch-a-ride, but she nonchalantly replied that she only had a luxury worth of 30kg check-in luggage, so I was counted out.

Unplanned things and events always sealed with suprises. People you never know you're going to meet, the food you're about to eat, hell even what kind of toilet bowl you're going to sit.

Surprises sometimes come in a place you least expected. Like this abandoned structure at Kampung Meraga Beris where it used to be a place for kids and adults to hit a few chords from Oasis or Foo Fighters or Travis or perhaps Radiohead. It is now nothing but a blocks of bricks with the graffiti still intact. This place must have thousands of memories.

Where else can you find a place to unleash your inner self but with a bass guitar and drums and friends, a few feet by the beach? This building used to be perfect I guess. And I bet whoever used to jam over here, must have planted some fond memories beneath the molds, cemented under their feet.

I wrote my first song here. I sang my first song here. We screamed here. I hope it still echos somewhere. Perhaps bouncing between the walls and the rocks.



Sir Pök Déng said…
Beautiful shot.

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