Artery Blockage Inhibitor

If you ever been to Dungun, Terengganu, you will be exhilarated by its wet market. Pasar Besar Dungun is the solace for Anna Olson wannabes and that's the place where I stock up my biweekly fridge ration. Sea produce are beyond world - super fresh, endless variety, and pretty cheap as well (if you know how to speak Ganu and how to smile and your bargaining skills is on par with the insurance agents).

Last week was a party of huge prawns. Humongous prawns were on sale and they sold it a bit on a pricey side. The funny part was if you handpicked the prawn by yourself, they charged it at RM60 a kilo. If they took the liberty to shove it themselves, then the price would be RM50 a kilo. Funny.

Anyway, I got myself some bones during the shopping spree. And I just bought a french oven yesterday, so why not venture into some comfort food? So this is the artery blockage inhibitor - sup tulang!

Calling over some friends to join. If you happen to be around, I hope the smell doesn't get to your nose!

Happy Weekend Everybody.



biskutkumpang said…
i would call chuck to taste this
Sir Pök Déng said…
Didie said…
What's a French oven?
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Ops. Not french. Dutch oven. Haha. Stupid me

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