Green Light

Rain was pouring hard on the way back home yesterday. The clouds were not visible - unlike the usual day when it decided to just wash away the earth. There were no giant grey cotton candies, the only things that visible were only white blankets like a huge thick mist on top of unreachable hills. The feeling that it was going to rain was imminent, and it did fall finally.

At times like this, the only thing that was going into my mind was the moment I spent some time with you on our way back from Sugarland. The rain was as hard as this, and I thought we wouldn't see the light of day ever again. But I was wrong, we were happy the next morning having our crepe with caramelized sugar at some cafe by the road in the middle of nowhere.

You wouldn't remember because when I asked you, you told me that I was high on ice. Your selective memory was pretty impressive.

Thanks to you that you made me realized that you were not the only one that I have.



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