The Goods, The Bads and The Hopes

Months and years fool us to believe that they are winding and long, but have not we realized that when we enjoy the moments we have in hands, the time passes so fast just like riding in an electric train, where scenes change and morph into something new, so instantaneous, gone in a blink of an eye.  

One month shy, and the five-year journey seems so short, and it felt like yesterday when I sat in a room facing three unfamiliar faces asking awkward questions. The question of why I got accepted is still wrapped in its own mystery, and truth be told, how pathetic this would sound, I thought I did not deserve a place here. But I was wrong, most of the times. Two months later, I was here, this new cocoon, this place that has changed my life forever. 

This place stores thousands of surprises. It is like the playground where kids laugh, and run, and hide, and push one down, and throw banters, and make jokes, and cry, and sod, and yell, and of course this is the place where kids just being kids. This is the place where those kids have their high-low on their seesaw, feel on top of the world on their swingset, get dizzy on merry-go-round, being soaked in adrenaline down the slide, get confused and trapped in the maze, make their dream castles in the sandbox, and for once, feel their feet of the ground hanging by the monkey bar. They get so happy and mad and upset and jolly and excited - but in the end, when the sun descends over the horizon, the only place they would go is their home.
This is my playground, where I have met a lot of persons beyond colleagues, friends that were there for you when you need them the most. Friends that would lend you their shoulders when you run out of tissue to cry on. Friends that would laugh even at your lamest jokes. Friends that would slap you on your face when you walk out of the boundary. Friends that would dispense you advice like they are the most expensive shrinks on the world. Friends that would listen to your crappiest stories even they have their share of crappy day as well. Friends that would rather die than being the rat spilling your darkest secret.

So this is it, the road that I have walked meets to an end. At this particular point- where once it was a straight unwinding road, where it once just thorns and potholes on the ground, where there were times when flowers of many colors bloomed and accompanied me with it's faint summery scent - now just a point for you to take a deep breath, think and decide. It's an intersection of choice, either to walk straight, head held up high, no turning back. Or either turn left, or right, head held up high, smile, and no turning back. Where it once sweet scents and comfort breeze blew you up on your face, now it may bone shattering cold snow, or perhaps scalding hot draught. The thing is, you will never know until you try. 

So thank you, thank you and thank you. I can't thank you enough, I can't feel sorry for running out of words to thank you either. This place turns me, changes me, makes me someone else. So bosses and friends, I can't tell how much I owe you guys. And accept my apologies for my misdeeds and wrongdoings, I am sorry I can't be the one you'd hoped for.  



biskutkumpang said…
ZA, it's been a while, i dont see you post. been bz huh? memorabilia kind of post ;)

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