A Little Walk

When Liam and I were still together, we spent most of our times on jogging. That was the only way out on Saturday and Sunday morning, when Sarrah was still fast asleep in the bedroom, couldn't care less of Liam's whereabouts, couldn't care less what they would have for breakfast, couldn't care less because she knew that he'd do it alone. But the thing that she didn't know was that he went for a free Sunday saunter with me, along the quiet beach, with no other sounds except our laughters and the waves that hit the shores.

Who am I telling lies if I say that I don't miss him sometime? I still have him in my mind. Before my eyes. His voice always lingers in my ears.

I went to the port, trying to invoke some of our memories here. I recalled the moment when I asked him about some random engineering questions, and when sometimes he played dumb giving me wrong answers because I was always be delighted if I knew that I knew better than him.

And I still remember that I asked him who owned this drilling rig. He definitely did not have the answer. He did not know. I love being victorious.

It's Transocean's SEDCO 703. 



biskutkumpang said…
i feel the emotion, emotional maybe ZA?

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