Five Times One

My blog has never been famous. Traffic on average of 4 page views in a day.
But I am absolutely happy with the number that appeared on my dashboard today. There are people out there who helped me made it.

I am celebrating 11111 day today.

Happy 11111 Day everybody!



biskutkumpang said…
but hey, how u madeit? i meanto make it hevy traffic on our blog? i gotta do it too.
Zubaidah Arshad said…
11111 pageviews is a shameful number for a 7-year-old blog. I just love the number 11111, hence the entry. I don't favor heavy traffic to my blog. If they stumble upon mine and they love it, they will keep coming back.
I don't do mundane comments on other people's blogs just to gain some cheap attention. And i don't bloghop as much. Am happy with the small number of visitors. I don't think i will be comfortable writing from the truest part of me if the traffic is like hundreds/day. I believe the drive to satisfy readers needs will in the end suppress your creativity resulting in shallow and mundane entries.

My thought.

NoktahHitam said…
I subscribe to your rss and has been fond of your writting since 2years ago
Sir Pök Déng said…
I was once a beginner blogger; I kept leaving mundane comments (ie. "salam ziarah" that's it) at blogs I randomly discovered in order to get more viewers afterward, hence many commentators. Back then, there was no "follow" function offered by our old friend Blogger. I placed a chatbox at the sidebar so that people can have minor conversations in there. They ended up spamming my chatbox instead of commenting on my posts. Yeah, there were a post about me bought a new shoes, about a movie I watched, about my academic achievements.

Time passed.

Zubaidah Arshad said…
NH, thank you ever so much. It has been a while. How are you?

P/s- i think i need to be in love in order to write. Haha
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Not to belittle anybody, i couldn't comprehend the needs to post every single thing you do every single day in the blog. But surprisingly, that kind of blog gets hits like crazy!
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Biskut, you don't have to. Attracting readers by reeling them to your blog doesn't mean they love what you write. As i said earlier, if they love it, they'll come back.

Unless the main purpose the existence of your blog is to plant ads to gain money. That's a different ball game altogether.

You have a good blog there. Just keep on writing.
Sir Pök Déng said…

Pretty bloggers do this and they still got crazy hits everyday.

We cannot generalize all blogs. Blogs have different genres. Zubaidah Arshad's, mine, and Bergen's are from the same genre (English. Wordy. Anonymous author) I suppose.
biskutkumpang said…
you are true and pure zue hahahaha. allright2, i agree 100%. just thought that maybe when getting heaavier traffic than usual, more people will share whaat we love and that is writing (potraying our thoughts/ideas/view)
NoktahHitam said…
Not so well, after my wife departure to melb, i find myself locked up in the room most of the time.

I realised when i got married, my readership dropped. I guess i have reached the peak of my wishy-washy career in writing. Time to move along.

Ps: yes, being in love has its perk. Awesome kan?
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Sometimes, things won't go as what we planned.

You stay agile.


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