The Matryoshka Dolls

No one wants to befriend a dead weight. It stays within logic. Why should we chase for troubles when happy moments with other people are there await you with open arms?

History tells us to learn something from them, at least a fraction from a pool of unimaginable size of lessons. Instead, we ignore because we think we can reinvent the history, or tweak the lessons they have for us according to our likings. Mistakes are repeated endlessly and being committed all over again.

One part inside us really wants to share what is happening around. Because sharing at least elevates some weight off the shoulders. Sharing doesn't mean we want to trouble the other party, instead we need a living thing to listen, to absorb some emotions, to nod at the appropriate moments.

Sharing to inanimate objects are farther stretch the depression. I will leave you with your own meandering imagination to picture the difficulties.

At times, friends come handy. At times, friends are nothing but a herd of Chinese opera actors that the real themselves are hidden under the thick white make up.



biskutkumpang said…
i am agree,indeed 100%. DAMN it is a good piece, besides you oftenly wrote bout love ;)
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Oh hello there. I seldom write about love in my early years of writing. Lama lama, jadi jiwang sikit. Hehe

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