I Love You

It wasn't intentional, in fact I was hesitating to tell you that, but who we are to constraint our own feeling and being left felt sorry for the rest of our life because we did not take the chance when we had one?

I did not care much, because I know for a fact that this was wrong and it would not last, as this happy feeling just another episode of temporary jolly that could be easily forgotten. What's the fun in life when all the things that you want to do are trapped inside your own made up insecurity?

At least I had let him know. At least I could tell to myself that I tried, that if I die tomorrow, I know that I have given my best to get a share of your love.

Regret is for the chickens. For once I felt satisfied. I felt complete.

No. I do not feel complete until you tell me that you love me too.

Until then, world is huge and never run out of love.



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