A Thought

living alone could be bland and tasteless. like a cup of insipid coffee. likewise, when you have found the perfect one, the caffeine will drive you to get a cup after another. how else can you describe this complex human interaction?


biskutkumpang said…
jom publish buku sekali nak? collabr8.
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Sounds interesting
biskutkumpang said…
let's do it Zubaidah. this is my lon time project actually. if u really interested (i really hope so) we could collaborate together wth my bro, so our book represents 3 authors with various types of writing.
Zubaidah Arshad said…
am intrigued. but would like to stay anonymous. send me the details to my email.

biskutkumpang said…
no problem, u could stay annoymous, we are not exoposing ourself, we are exposing our thoughts and chanelling it into our writing, will send the details later. TQ zue or zubaidah he3
Zubaidah Arshad said…
by anonymous, i mean i want to stay indefinitely anonymous. including to you and your brother. you will not have my contact details, nor my real name, nor anything related that will reveal who am i. i won't expose to you how do i look like. the only communication channel that you have is my email.

will go through your proposal. been looking for some ways to share, this is perhaps one of the ways.

Thanks biskutkumpang

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