Our Conversation

"Dump your worries. What else do you want than having me inside your arms?"

"Your loyalty. I have given my trust, and please don't let me take it back. You have gone. Along with our fond memories"

"You don't understand. Perhaps you're jealousy is taking over your mind"

"My sanity is intact. I know what is going through your mind"

"What you want me to do? Eloping and leave her alone?"

"There, you still don't understand. I think you don't want to understand. Why can't you at least for once try to delve deep down my problem and take a look yourself what I am going through each day? I am building my life. I am trying to be the one that is the best for you and also the best for her"

"I never loved someone like I love you"

"I know. I can see that"

"Then what else can we do to live together?"

"We can't. But we can choose to be together discreetly forever"

"But I want more"

"You can't always get what you want. I love you Sayang"


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