Nina's Concern

A mini window popped up just on the down right corner of the screen. Nina shot a quick glance, brows all curled up, forehead deep with furrows, hissing once in a while, trying to signal me to check my interoffice messenger dialog box.  

"Oh now you cook his food, make his drinks, do your job as his engineer, all of this from 9 to 5 and when he let you down, he won't look at you, and you are okay with your rights being denied?"

I gazed deep down into the screen, as if trying to look for an error in a mathematical formula. It all started this morning when Liam really wanted to have a turkey sandwich, he said it since the day before. And when he casually asked me to get him a cup of hot choc, I knew that there was something wrong going on. In him, and perhaps in me. Nina being told about this when I met her at her table, but she couldn't afford to comment further, what with the crowd in the office at that time. Her words struck me as unprecedented, never thought that she could muster all her courage to tell me that, right on my face. 

"You probably understand me, because you yourself have a husband at home. It's always nice to see the person that you love looks so happy"

"Do you realize that he is taken, with a bond so legal, it only can be broken by a divorce pronouncement?"

― something wrong with blogger. Wrote a super lengthy entry, and now it has gone. Couldn't be bothered to write again.



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