Lost In The Light

"It is because of the strong wind that brushes my face and ruffles my hair"

"Why would you go wandering pointlessly looking for something that you don't even sure?"

"It's the wind, fuckhead. The wind makes me happy. As if it lifts all my worries out of my brain. Do you know how happy I am to have a brief moment of burden-less shoulder? Do you?"

"Perhaps I understand. I don't want you get high on something so temporary, something that won't last. Once I went through this horrid episode when Brian dumped me for someone better, then I reconciled with life that this shouldn't be the end, that if I tried to be the one that I wanted to be, then I would excel nonetheless. Such constraints are unavoidable but at times you have to learn to pass your feet off the hurdles. The time will come albeit your incongruity towards life"

"It has been 20 weeks since Greg's departure to afterlife. And it has been 20 grueling weeks of finding the fucking blessings that are disguising in the fucking incomprehensible forlorn. You tell me how should you paddle your life alone without someone that has been given you directions to places, to territories that you never imagined you would be? Tell me of losing someone that has been co piloting everything from finding the right clothes, to wipe you your tears on the day your boss decided to fuck up with you, to hug you on the night of lightning and storms? You tell me. I have been trying to reason my life with what future might hold for me, but who am I to foresee my own destiny? This is crazy Craig. Crazy"

"Here. Take my hands. To your and my losses"

"I miss him Craig"

"I know. I miss Brian too. It just that I believe he is better out there, with someone better. That should be suffice to me"

"Give me your courage. I really need them pronto"

"Everything will change"



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