Puzzle, whether with three words or a paragraph-long sentence, is meant to be solved. Either logically, or illogically. It possesses answers that sometimes make sense, and sometimes just out of the imaginative mind. It holds mysteries that screams to be untangled, to let go the yarn of interconnected pieces that in the end would give the definitive answer to its own predicament. Sometimes the puzzle is so difficult, it takes a huge amount of time just to understand the sentence.

Puzzle is fun if you know that the answer in the end has nothing to do with your life. It is perfectly fine to kill some time on a hot and breezy Sunday afternoon. It is such a nice feeling to know that your brain is finally working to its best state.

But how does it make you feel when you know the puzzle actually does not have a definitive answer. Answers. We are looking at a swarm of uncertain hypothesis, that perhaps fits the best. Like when you are given a set of situations, a set of different situations. Say situation A, B, C, D and E. Situation A, B and E hold some similarities. Correction, they possess identical similarities. Human tends to link one situation to another situation that has the physical link. This is how logic is explained.

But the case with these situations is, even with its remarkably similarities from one situation to another, it results in different and incoherent outputs. Situation A results in output Y, situation B results in output Y2, situation C results in output XY. All three situations have its own similarities i.e. output Y, but observe the odd parameters that are coupled with every output Y.

It is the case with him today. I don't understand. Because he gave me a puzzle yesterday that was thought can be solved, but ended up with a crazy output this morning.

When things go bad, I remember that line. About chocolates in the box. And I will just keep on smiling. Because smiling heals pain and misery.

p/s: Don't start with situation A and C. You really don't want to know.


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