Morning Of Retrospection

The mood is not right. I meant him, not mine. There isn't any jolly teases or banters, but a cold gesture, as cold as mid winter morning in Sussex. He doesn't even look at me, as if I am a dead cow in a soft black leather chair waiting to be noticed.

My wild guess always goes around of him being let down by not seeing any emails coming into his inbox. Emails from me. But perhaps that is not the case. Well if it does, why should I write him something when all my emails are never being answered?

I am not a dead cow. Cow does not know how to write emails. Well, at least response. With a few words, if not a 4-line paragraph.

So he has set a tone today. Moody, gray, unhappy.

I shouldn't play along. I should just live my life as it is.

Why should I go into his sick fragile emotion?

I shouldn't. That's the reason why that I think he should just eff off and being just who he should be.

Happy Ramadhan everyone.


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