Made-up Amnesia

Funny how people are so busy ‒ spraying self with the most expensive perfume in possession, chatting and planning to which house to go, to what food to eat the next ‒ I am confined in my room here at the kampung doing nothing except putting Lifehouse's Storm on loop.

I should have clubbed my head hard so as still trapping self in being forlorn. I should have learned on how to overcome my socially inept skill.

Zaleha is bound to HK to further her study in Economics (this is her second PhD, can you believe that?). And I didn't make myself available to meet her even yesterday. Today when I did not receive anything (text, email, call) from her, I knew that she probably mad at me due to my absence. She'll be leaving in 4 days, I should have dug some time for her, shouldn't I?

Well, it's three in the afternoon and people are now reduced in number in the house. Dispersed to the other houses that they need to pay a visit. I should gather myself, and start looking for the nicest pair of kurung that I will wear to meet her.

I hope she's OK with my 'Shit I forgot that today is the day' excuse. Let's pray that she'll eat that up.

So, how has Raya been treating you?



little ain said…
having a great raya here :)

happy Eid sis. have fun! :)

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