Somewhere Out There

Traveling alone (for holiday, not business!) is like dissolving self in intoxicating ice, it gets you high at one time, and the next time you open up your eyes, you are lying inside a ditch with bruises all over your head. We never know what we could get, we never know the chances that we are going to end up in the country so bizarre, so unfamiliar, and yet you feel like there is one little piece that connects you to this place.

I am somewhere outside Malaysia right now for a little vacation that I did not plan. You know how I cried the other day in the office, standing in between two roads that were so different, it was like seeing black and white. Booked a ticket, no hotel reservation, no nothing. Brought along with myself a backpack, and a few hundreds of ringgit in the purse.

Little did I know that this is going to make me happy, in fact I do not feel happy, I do not feel content, I just feel bland. A lot of (good looking) people don't help apparently. Was thinking to get self an escort, or a toyboy, or a man to accompany me for the next 5 days. I didn't tell my boss, and no one actually knows where I am right now. Just emails, and facebook messages. From bosses. From vendors, from colleagues.

I am off the course. I just need a little time for detachment. Instead, I sculptured your name beside the pool, on pebbles.

I just can't forget you. The way that you can't forget me.

Love you, Liam


little ain said…
everything will be okay.

be strong :)

hope u find what you're looking for.

az said…
somehow, i feel the pain..
little ain said…
it's okay :)

u know, time always heal the pain.

you'll be okay someday.

be strong, okay :)
Zubaidah Arshad said…
you two are having good time chatting with each other, ay?
little ain said…

it wasnt you.



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