An Early Suprise

It was a deliberate thought whether to get him something to wear, or a book, or perhaps a full board vacation to one of the islands in Philippines. A month before his birthday, I decided to get him a wallet. Rest assured, I had bad time rolling in the bed, trying to weigh one present to another. Nina once suggested to give Liam a wallet, because he would touch it, and of course, would glance at it every time he takes it out from his back pocket. So the idea was seeded from there, and I got Abah a new leather wallet.  Dark, brown, soft, and leathery.

I gave it to him two weeks before his birthday. It came as a surprise, but knowing my crazy schedule and I couldn't come home for dinner on his birthday, he nodded and smiled. It touched me when I saw his eyes, it was glimmered with a thin film of tears. I know that the wallet is nothing, and undoubtedly he could get it online, or perhaps drive to the city and get it at some fancy shopping mall.

Being in the family of five, I am the closest to them all. The other four are either too busy with business, patients and personal affairs, or do not remember it at all. When I was in the departure hall, waiting to board the flight a couple of days ago, I called him, wishing him good health and the sorts on his birthday. It was at 8pm, 20 hours behind the time I should call him. A few seconds after we ended our conversation, I scrolled for my brother's number, and text him.

"Have you wished Abah's birthday?"


"Fucktard. You don't even know?"

"I wasn't sure. Thought it was last week"

"Fuckball. Can't you for once appreciate him?"

"Yeah I know"

It might not be a Beemer. It might be nothing. But the thought is what matters the most.

Happy Birthday Abah. May ladyluck always be by yourside.


p/s: Happy Father's Day to you too! Mmuahh! I'm going back soon!


little ain said…
my father's birthday is on Jan 10. me and my siblings, we wont miss the day for anything :)

btw, where were u when i wished him happy birthday? if u dint mind telling.
Zubaidah Arshad said…
I went for a meeting somewhere outside Malaysia. Was busy during the day hopping from one cab to another.

little ain said…
that's why u were late for 20hours. heee ;)

it's okay. hope next time u'll get to wish him happy birthday on time, InsyaAllah :)

take care!

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