Wednesday Afternoon

The stall was unusually jam packed with people today. Customers in blue, yellow, dark green coveralls were frolicking the table, just like the flies that swarming over leftover fishes on the unattended plates. I was alone, clad in red coverall, having lunch while observing the surroundings.The heat from the tarmac a few feet away was uninviting. The breeze from the sea, however, made it soothing albeit the noise from the chatters.

While sipping the soup, my mind was flown back to the office. Works on the table have been mercilessly piling, with numbers, projects, contracts to review. And just two days ago, a multimillion project now sits comfortably on my shoulder, waiting to be engineered and executed by next year. I barely have any space to breathe. Not that I'm complaining, but my time for myself has been cut to its minimum hours, sometimes just eight hours left for me to salvage whatever excitement that I supposed to have in a day. Eight hours usually goes to my sleep. I am worn out.

Oh well. I should stop doing this.

I have a bowl of soup to finish off.



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