That Very Afternoon

It wasn't about the lagoon afar, or the men with the net looking for some fishes to bring home, or the scalded skin burnt from the hot coastal sun, or the slow waves that rocked the boat from right to left. Or about the subtle breeze of South China Sea. Or an old man sitting on a bench and completely gone in his thoughts.

There is more to life than an open sea, or a cup of warm milk tea with a plate of keropok lekor. It is about finding time to spend on thinking about things you haven't thought would happen. It is about trying to understand issues, and concerns, and the causes and consequences.

When I sat there on that table, a torrent of emotions came rushed in. I couldn't tell why, nor I couldn't say how. I was alone. And everybody was with everybody else.

Hands in hands. Smiles. Laughs. They were gleaming with happiness.

At certain times, when everything gets so rough, and when I thought there is no more hope to cling on to, when there are so much to take, and when I ran out of tears to cry, I hide.

But not here. Not among the happy people.

Run! And please take me into your dream!


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