There wasn't anyone behind when I left the office just now. It was pretty dark, and the walk to the main gate was quite far. The street lights decided to go dead tonight, and no one on the night shift was in the smoking shed. I was literally walking alone.

When I walked back from lunch with a dear colleague a few weeks ago, stories about the haunting came out of nowhere. Like when he worked in the previous company which performed servicing to the boilers and screw compressors, one of his colleagues found a kid in a vessel. What on earth did a kid do in a vessel, and where the hell did he come from. So his friends fled away.

So does another story in one cracker plant where there was always a white figure at the top floor near the distillation  tower. Or my friend at one compounding plant who saw a little kid playing with a plastic curtain near the extruder area.

I couldn't help but to think all of this when I walked just now. Perhaps something or someone following at my back, so I frequently scan if there's any anomalies to the shadows on the pavement. Sometimes when I am too tied up with my fright, I run. Trying to run from my own shadow.

It is stupid, but I feel safe doing that. At least that is what my mind tells me.

On the contrary, I feel scared when I try to run away from you. If you were a ghost, perhaps I can just chase you away by reciting Quran. But you are not a ghost, and I don't know how to chase you away.

I am sorry. Am I making sense?



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