A Spot Of Bother

You know I think about you a lot lately. Like when there was a time that I was almost a pinch close to buy you a wallet, or when I had a thought that you may like this polo shirt, but back then I was stupid so I didn't buy you any.

So I got you a book instead. For you to read. Because this is one of my favorite books, that I could relate with. Because I think I am as completely confused as George, or as loyal as Jamie or as thoughtful as Tony.

Except that I am not any of those. And I am a loser, trying to dig you out of your sanity. Trying to bring you out to the place you never been before. To the complete and utter difference.

So I didn't give you any. Not until that I know what do you think about me. So for now, I will keep this book, and you may continue to play your game.

I'll wait. But not for long.


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