Little Stars Over The Moon

I long to touch your fingers, and smell the perfume on your arm, and how your hug is keeping me warm. Hush hush, don't say anything, let's sail away in our dreams tonight. Because I don't want to remember how restless I am in this emotional fight.

Liam, good night. Meet you in my dream.



Salam kak. I'm Fatin. I admire your writing very much. It's like reading a bunch of remarkable short stories filled with emotions and happpiness. And I love the beautiful new design of your blog. White and simple. You have inspired me to improve my english. Thank you. Keep on writing and inspiring people:)
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Fatin, thanks for stopping and thanks for the compliment. It is hard to get one, these days. Heh.

Good luck!

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