So Long

The news was anticipated. I mean miracle would change things. If I have the chance to taste miracle once, why should I hesitate?

But this is never about fate, miracle or the wonders of technology. People come and people go.

I met him when I was in my 20. Barely known the existence of my own self, let alone the world I was about to be in. We talked, and he was attentive like any grandfather would be. I mean I couldn’t call him an Uncle as the age separated us is far apart. He was one of the sweetest human beings I have ever acquainted with.

Then we talked through emails, discussing my future and what should I do. And all of a sudden the emails stopped. I didn’t hear from him nor he replied my emails.

Last month, Shayna sent me an email. He was in a really bad shape. I knew this. I didn’t mean that I knew he was battling between life and death. But I sensed something was really wrong. Something was not in control.

And we talked through emails. With Shayna I mean.

And this very afternoon, she broke the news. He died, without realizing he would gone for good.

We anticipated this, and we feel good that now he didn’t even have to feel the pain anymore. Not that we know what he’s going through right now, but we believe he’ll be happier there.

As the grandson said beside his bed,

“He is now a star in the sky”

Yes, you will be one of the stars in my sky too.

So long, Graham Chadwick. You’ll be twinkling and twinkling amongst the Mars and Jupiter.



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