Rafiee and Izni

If I were you, I could live forever over there, and never wanting to come back home.
Having life over here is depressing. Not that I am suggesting I hate this place. I need a new place to live.

This place bears too much memories. How could you ever move on when you are living in the unwashed memories? The smell, the scenery, the usual places, the never ending play and rewind buttons like hologram images, so vivid in front of your eyes.

How could you?


phoeniznix said…
what a nice title you have there ;) and actually, we are thinking of settling down in denmark. but i still have two more semesters and anything can change. perhaps the grass just seems greener on the other side but after new people become old, exciting job becomes a routine, maybe going home is the only solace.
Zubaidah Arshad said…
If you do enjoy the serenity, why bother coming home? Perhaps the only thing that makes you wanting to go home so badly is about the people you deeply know.

I would stay in Denmark if I were you. Going home twice a year never seem too burdening, eh?
phoeniznix said…
because we enjoy the serenity back home too :) but like i said, we are thinking of settling down here. but it's an open road so who knows, we might build a family in africa!

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