Day Five

I was hoping some spark of hopes would come along this crooked way I had chose. You know, like hoping there were text messages from you once I got back home from work. Or maybe, some notifications of missed calls from you, because I really needed some kind of assurance that you still think of me.

Not that I know whether you are thinking about me or not, but I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt that there is still a little me inside you that gives you a tinge sensation whenever I cross your mind.

But then I heard the song from Lady Antebellum. Been listening to that number for the past couple of weeks and I couldn't grasp a word. Well maybe I wasn't attentive enough to the point that I could grasp the content of the song. I was not. Downloaded the song yesterday, despite my objection to the mainstream musics.

Read the lyrics, in the dark, on my phone, and felt nothing. Cried a bit. But not hard enough to leave me in exhaustion. How odd. I wasn't this strong.

I am heartbroken. Heartbroken people cry so often.

I want to cry more. Cry makes me feel good. I can't. I just can't. I don't let go everything. I am stuck in the past.

Well maybe, I am so immature in this. I need to grow and be independent. But you have stole my 50% and I can't be 100% anymore.


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