Some Reality Check

Have I told you that this made-up pretty view of tulips and some greens with you and me laying side by side listening to each heartbeats will end pretty soon?

I couldn't believe I wrote that, because I almost make myself believe that this in real is actually happening. I mean the pictures are so vivid, and your images with your black tee shirt, and your acid washed jeans, and your sugary smiles are in front of me, clear. Like in HD.

And oh yes, I still can feel you stroking up my hair with your hands and get excited with the smell of my shampoo, and how you kissed my cheeks and on my forehead telling me that you didn't care the pimples outburst on my face, or how huge my boobies are, or how we laid down on my huge orange pillow and we talked about how annoying nostril was, or how nice the tea at Alif.

I remember when I didn't have anyone to talk to, I called you in the middle of the night, crying and sobbing and scream that the world was the place for mean people, and how bad I managed my bank account, and I missed you so much, I couldn't even breathe. You said, 'It's OK. There's nothing to be worried about and I am here for you, loving you every day, no less'.

And didn't I tell you that this all momentary? Yes, and now it is the time for all these to disperse. It's hard. Harder than I could imagine. But to quote you,

"I want you to be as strong as a stallion when the time comes. When we should bid our last goodbye. You're going to be good. With or without me. Because you always know, that I always love you"

I know. I love you too



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