"When is your last day?"

Sun rays like a flight of golden sabers stabbed through the gaps of the pine leaves, the sky was the color of turquoise, spotless with clouds. Air was stiff, and the weak waves hit the shore, almost inaudible.

"End of June. Anything that bothers you?"

Hands clutched, head on the lap, the smile was delicious.

"Are you going to find a job over here? Because when you leave, I don't know what will happen to me"

"You're going to be good"

"I can't survive without you"

Eyes on eyes. Moving things went static. Time felt like on halt. The world stopped.

"You will survive. But I promise you, I'll do my best and get a job over here. I love you, you know that right?"

"I know. I love you too"

The waves still weak. And the birds on the trees were chirping the happy notes.


When I think love has gone, it comes knocking up on my door, saying hello and smiles the thousand hopes.



Puan ALeya said…
Wow...bestnye...mcm baca novel...:-)...nanti bile kami dah balik Malaysia, selalu dtg rumah...and teach English to our children okay...:-)...
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Haha. Alia, don't wish that. My English is atrocious. Nanti hancur baby yang made in manchester tu *wink*

Bila nak balik Malaysia?
Puan ALeya said…
hehe...kalau balik for good, mmg lg 3 tahun insyaAllah...hope dpt abis on time...

kalau balik melawat, insyaAllah tahun dpn kalau ade peluang...:-)...
Farah Hanani said…
Oppss.. Kamu sudah di tag.. Sila dtg ambil award


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