Have A Little Faith In Me

"Tell me why honey. At least I know the reasons"

"It is silly isn't it for you to flip on those pages when you know you are the one that I love most"

"I know. But I can't help thinking that you are cheating on me. I hate it when you replied my text with a single 'OK', or when I called you last week, you told me you were hiking at some hills looking for a spot for fishing, and your breath was so heavy I thought you were having sex with someone else, or how rough when you picked up my call yesterday and talked like I didn't know you, and you hung up on me when the I was dreading to hear you say I Love You to my ears over the phone"

"Remember peanut when I told you that I would be honest and I'd tell you nothing but the truth?"


"I did not lie. When I told you that I would be honest, I would be honest. It is the wild thought and the feeling of jealousy that brought you to the conclusion that I was having some intimate moments with someone else. Please honey, the last thing I would do is to tell you lies and break your heart"

"Thank you Sayang"


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