You'll Think Of Me

Ever since you found yourself in someone else's arms
I've been trying my best to get along
But that's OK
There's nothing left to say, but

Take your records, take your freedom
Take your memories I don't need them
Take your space and take your reasons
But you'll think of me

And take your cat and leave my sweater
'Cause we have nothing left to weather
In fact I'll feel a whole lot better
But you'll think of me, you'll think of me

Keith Urban
You'll Think Of Me


Kak Teh said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kak Teh said…
apologies, typos. Second attempt:

aaah, sad isnt it, when it comes to this. everything can be taken and divided but not memories, be it happy or sad.
Zubaidah Arshad said…
i know. the memories remain where they are, albeit how hard we want them to get rid.

this is something i don't really like to post. the melancholy and the depressed side of me.
Anonymous said…
They say time heals the wound... it does'nt. Yes, we move on and make the best of our lives. All of us deserves that.

Anyway the melancholic and dreamy tone.... the air of surrealism of your write-up actually caught my attention. Quite beautiful.

By the way what you said about Hyatt and Starbucks is true. I am talking about Kuantan afterall, so do not expect much, I mention it just for the varieties. The asam pedas is new to me...will try give a try if I am there.

Japan is always worth a visit...I'm quite intrigued by the people. Suicide, death, dreams are quite dominant in their novels. Bought a book recently titled "Silent ommunication of Japanese society". Curious to unveil more of their restrained attitude.
Well happy planning for the hols and did you say you applied 3 mths for the trip? Lucky you!
Zubaidah Arshad said…
thank you for that compliment. i stay true to myself and that gratefully generates much ideas for me to write.

You should go to Japan if you haven't been there. Been there for a number of times, and kinda love it. The culture, the people, the feel of isolation when you couldn't understand their languages, the lights and neon, everything.

But certainly the food.
Yes, I am applying for 3 months leave. I don't really know whether anyone ever attempted that. But I am trying. And there's always a possibility right?
Zubaidah Arshad said…
anon, where does your comment go?

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