Absence Of Fear

"Here, this is a daffodil for you. I think your jet black hair needs a little companion to complement your look"

"Am I not pretty enough to your liking?"

"You are as beautiful as sun that shines on Sahara"

"Words play"

"Oohh OK. I am sorry. But I think you look lovely with this daffodil. Please"

"I won't. If you can't accept me, how bare do I look, then there's nothing more to look for"

"Get me a better reason if you're breaking up. Not over a stupid daffodil"

"So yeah. Good bye"


pakmat said…
..well,, zuar, sometimes you are just as brutal yourself..:)
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Pak Mat, isn't it convenient if breaking up can be like this. Less talk, no thumb twiddling.

This kind of man needs to be dumped straight away. Emotional attachment surely burdening as hell.

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