I have said enough I have nothing more to say. Walking this crooked path has never been easy. Avoiding potholes, and skipping over mud, and head looking up above occasionally - tracking for the chirping of the birds that maybe 3 feet away, or maybe on top of a tree at some hill with a narrow creek at the bottom of it -, feeling at peace sometimes just by dissolving into the greens, or have a glimpse over colors on the flowers alongside the path when there are tad too much greens to endure, and the momentary happiness by singing the songs you used to sing while dipping self in the tub filled with creamy hot bath, and the feeling of not to worry about where are you heading to when this crooked path is the path you should follow, though how hard can it be.

It may sound so easy, but I have been on that crooked path for a quite amount of time now, and it has brought both happiness and sadness to me. On a plate, well served.

The question of which road should I take, has been asked before. The contemplation of 'What if the road not taken?'

The matter that has no answer - for me - as yet. And I am on the verge of finding it, and I know, it may be long and winding, and it has never been easy.

You never know when you are ready. So for that, I am making a move. And I think, I am ready for that.


phoeniznix said…
decision, decision, decision...i feel you ;)
Kak Teh said…
salam, am always in search of a good read and I found this via pak mat. Can i link you? Kak Teh
Zubaidah Arshad said…
izni, exactly. the correct ones are hard to decide.

kak teh, are you playing prank on me? u are one of the biggest things in blogosphere, sure as hell i want my blog to be linked to yours. my blog is kinda drought-y with visitors you know. i could use some of them to view mine. hehe :)
Kak Teh said…
zubaidah, now YOU are playing a prank on me or pulling me old legs. will link you straight away so that I wont have to go via pakmat or else he'd be charging me for lalulalang! see you at my place.
pakmat said…
..well. I do not know who is pranking who, but pakmat sure enjoys reading both of you..and zuar..here's a song for you..for life, sometimes, is indeed, lonely..:) cheers

the long and wind roadSo
Zubaidah Arshad said…
pakmat, that song is really invoked some fond memories.

i bet you must have them discographies, yes?
Anonymous said…
Good....make the move..after all life is taking chances, than at the end of the day, you wouldn't regret... cause you have tried.

By the way like Kak Teh and Pak Mat your blog is one good read. I have been actually enjoying and admiring it albeit silently
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Anon, thanks for your kind words. I have ventured into a few vague chances before, and most of them turned out well. Like, when my mom wanted me to be a doctor, I told her I didn't want to. And it pays well now.

You too Anon, if you have two choices, and neither two of them lead to some unknown results, plan well and just suck it up. It might turn good, who knows?

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