In This Confined Space

I can't believe I have stopped posting over here just because I have found another place to write. It is like the moment of being a bird, wings sprawl open, sky and clouds above, all many other exciting things down there, taking turn to be explored.

This place has been a wonderful playground, like my very first entry back on 2006. Boxes, keys and trucks. Or that one night where I drove my car endlessly at 1 am in the morning from KL to God-know-where right after he told me he was leaving; and maybe the period when one annoying bastard paid a visit, and a few more visits after that, just to parade his bastardy craps; or when a reader asked me if I was from NST.

It was fun telling stories of my life, I mean my real life over here. The love, the constant complaints on the moronic little life I lead, the never ending short stories (forgive me for writing halfway, I don't intend to finish them up), the men I went out with, the story of H, A and many other alphabetical muses, and of course crushes of my own.

The deluded old bitch, that is.

It used to be when I couldn't wait to go home and write, because ideas were so much, and this idiotic life gave me inspiration more than I expected it could deliver. It used to be the day when I didn't care much writing names, or initials, because I knew there were only 2 visitors a day came to read my ramblings.

I could be anything that I want. The deluded spinster, the lunatic old bitch who claimed to own a beach (yeah!), the kooky lass who fell in love so easy, she could fall in love with herself then.

Except all of that are history. And history are not meant to be brought back to life. Because it holds the best part of someone's life.

This playground houses more malfunction swings and seesaw than I know. It needs to go through some renovation. Or maybe closed forever.


phoeniznix said…
when life gets too serious,it's nice to have a playground to come back to ;)
pakmat said…
..maybe you need, to quote you, housemates..? or a new template..?
Uncle Lee said…
Hi Zubaidah, 'Basically' (as spoken in your office, ha ha) I was at Pakmat's place noticed your callsign and busybody over.
Wow! Love your stylish eloquence....and this posting.

Love your style, Zubaidah. Outstanding!
You have a great weekend, stay young and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.
ZubaidahArshad said…
My playground used to be someone that I loved. But he's moving on. I am not. So yeah, I am screwed Izni.

I was thinking to change the template, but no. I think I love this pure white template. So calming and simple. I am not complicated Pak Mat :).

Uncle Lee, you've been here before, and then you were gone. You left a comment I remember, alongside Pak Mat when he got here the first time. Thanks Uncle Lee, I appreciate that :)

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