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It feels like one of those nights before raya. Everybody is busy preparing dishes, changing curtains, vacuuming every possible corner, and rendang. Rendang on the stove.

I am cooking rendang right now. Yes at bloody 1.30 am. Going to bring some to office tomorrow.

Good night


phoeniznix said...

you're so weird,you know that? well,don't change ;)

pakmat said... cook, too..? :)

ZubaidahArshad said...

izni, i know! sometimes i dont notice that, but most of the times, i do! haha. but being a weirdo, ada je surprises kan? even i surprise myself often. kihkihkih

i cook pakmat, nak rasa?

pakmat said...

..a professional engineer who has a way with words and one who does not mind donning aprons now and r getting better and better..of course I nak rasa..:) rendang has always been a fav..kelantanese rendang tak sama..

shiraz b said...

wow rendang at 1.20am? heartburn!

Zubaidah Arshad said...

pakmat, share the recipe! i'll try!

shiraz, heartburn? i had to do that. kalau tak, tak sempat nak bawa pegi office in the morning :)