If I were to feel doomed, then hands down, this might be the best day that I have to feel so. Not that I hate changes, but these changes are so abrupt, adapting to a new environment would be something hard to be done. Lest they want to change it back as how it looks like a few months before. Or like yesterday where people share laughter and chasing the same scarce roofed parking spots in front of the admin building. Or maybe when you and I can talk with no barrier that puts the invisible line of a whole new authority.

People talk, and they seem don't fond of the idea. If the one that greatly affects your life (in a good way) gets what he needs to get, then the argument would look like the morning fog, that will go away once hit by the sun. This might be awful, as many would suggest. Seeing future as bleek as evening of thunder clouds, or like the rain of the typical monsoon at the end of the year, where worries washed away by the waves that hit hard the ocean floor.

I have the rules of surviving life as I always stick to my head. Remember to be humble, and don't make fun of people's deficiency. Always, and always be down to earth, remember, once you boast on the greatness of life you lead, some other are having better than yours.

I think I have to keep on surviving. Diminishing the anguish thoughts that I am doomed when I can't see the black hole as yet.

Wait and see.


pakmat said…
..and survival is for the fittest, zuar, tho now I am wont to think that survival is for those most willing to adapt..being adaptive is the key..cheers..

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