Solemn Repercussion

There was a pair of legs overhung from the old teak wood bed, the hair on them were curly, and black and apart. And he smiled, bright as the morning sun in the early winter. Like frost that encrusted the fallen leaves, glimmered in the most beautiful reflection one longed for the whole torturous year, sweet like the smell of the dew after dawn, dark and misty, yet calming and brought serenity.

He was still dead asleep - eye lids sealed shut, lips with a hint of smile, forehead flat furrow-less - derived from the overwork of hasty sex the night before.

It was...

Clueless. Lost for words. Everything was bland. He couldn't gather himself, so he made a silent movement to the window, so slow not to make any noise.

Let him sleep. He needs his rest. It was rough.

The curtain was the color of blood. More or less. Or maroon. He didn't know. Or he couldn't tell because the room was dim and comfortably warm, and the only light was from the little bulb of the Balinese ornamental lamp he bought at Bangkok last two years, sat sturdy on a small side table just next to the bed.

He got hold to the tip end of the curtain, and contemplating.

Screw you.

The smile was natural, as if he had the best thing in his life. The one worth to wallow in tears should it go away. He walked to the bed, tried to sweep the pain he endured, and bended and kissed him on his stubble cheek and whispered the love words and his tears dropped to his eyes.

He opened up his eyes and he saw him, so close he could feel his breath on his face.

"Oh dear. Why are you crying?"

"I am afraid of losing you"

"I am here, pumpkin. I am not going anywhere"

"I know. But who we are to control our own destiny, we, the imperfect human beings"

"I know that. I am afraid too. But I never afraid of losing you. Because I know that you won't go away. That you'll always here, with me. Here. And that, I assure you, is within our control"

"Promise me you won't go anywhere far any soon"

"I can't"

"Then bring me with you"

"Yes dear, whatever it takes. To be with you"


pakmat said…
...zuar, pakmat tries hard to make some meaning from this post of first I thot it is between a father and son..but the hasty sex the night before gives it a different colour..a subtle connotations towards a love between two I right?..or are you deluding to something else..that this oldster fails to grasp?..:)love that wallow in tears bit..
ZubaidahArshad said…
Pak Mat, should you dig down all my other older entries, you'll find most of my short stories are either left unfinished, or left inconclusive. Most of the times, I just write whatever crosses my mind, so I don't think much about the characters, because for me, the characters can be molded by the readers themselves.

So I let the freedom to wander around your imagination to be yours. It is kinda fun, isnt it to finish a story by your own? How intriguing.

But to answer your question, yes, it's a story of two men sharing their mutual affections. I am delving to the other side of the world you know. Just to understand better :)

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