That Mr. Dungaree

There's pretty much a string of words that would sum up everything. It always appears at time of we can't be sure. Like a bubble that gracefully buoys in the air - glowing with strong a color, and the skin thins and the next we know, it has gone dispersed by the heat of the sun.

And the choices we make, the uncertainty of whether the wise decision has been made, and the consequences that will come in its way will eventually affect the path that we walk for the rest of our life. Like having to choose someone from a queue of good looking men. They are presentable from the outside, with their fanciest coats and suits, soothing cold smell from their aftershaves, the shiny shoes. You have the physicals on display. But having to choose the perfect one, won't be that easy.

Next time you are contemplating over menial matters, be reminded that you are the one who making choices over here. Not the one who waits you. Because he has made his own decision.

And you are still dreaming.


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