Of Hogs, Pigs and Swoon

The last two days were nothing but ultimately humid, with a few spots of clouds high up there, giving prints to the boring ocean-blue canvas of the sky. Saturday and Sunday were lifeless, and the wall hacking from the neighbor beside, ripped me off from my sanity. The basic of common sense 101 maybe never got into the syllabus when they were kids, so I pardoned them for not having the chance to learn to the least, being Human.

And who would have thought that the sound came from the massive renovation works was not the worst part of the day. They sneaked my water right from my faucet! How civil was that, mind telling me Grandma Cement Mixer? Oooh pardon me for having memories the size of mule's balls and hog's titties put together. They didn't go to school, did they?

Harm done, my sleep was disturbed, and the display of many hunky men in my dreams were swooped away. Pretty much of collateral damage, no?

This lightheaded I suffer right now will never ease that easy.

And Ben E King, we'll talk tomorrow.


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